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Bestowment Requirements

Scholarship bestowment is based on the following:​

  • Meeting the Registration Requirements, including the residency requirements.

  • Answers to the preliminary questions during the application process.

  • The content of the essay. Content, message, and theme will weigh more heavily than grammar mechanics, however, students are expected to exhibit a level of usage congruent with their expressed education intentions.

  • Enrollment in the student's chosen institution. (The recipient will be announced in May before the student graduates high school, but bestowment is not complete until enrollment in the higher education institution.)

  • Complete paperwork submitted by the deadline (transcripts emailed from school, letter of recommendation from Principal's office.)

  • Evidence in character and lifestyle that reflects the values and beliefs of Eli, a baptized New Testament Christian.

The scholarship is a one-time first-year award to cover expenses initiated by the school. Bestowment is not complete until proof of enrollment and proof of scholarship funding need for the first year are provided. Funds will be sent to the institution at that time. If awarded to a high-school junior, the grant will be held and applied upon the student’s enrollment. At the time of enrollment, if the winning student has acquired enough scholarship funding to cover their education for his or her freshmen year, the bestowment will be canceled and the funds will remain with the foundation.

A panel of teachers will review the entries, which will be labeled and identified by registration numbers only with identifying information redacted, and recommend the winner. The Roof Tree board hosts the scholarship effort without input into the choosing of the final winner of the scholarship. The panel's decision, whether split or unanimous, is final. There will only be one recipient. The scholarship will be awarded directly to the student’s chosen institution. It may be applied to any school fees initiated by the school. If the recipient has exceeded or expects to exceed his or her need for funds for the freshmen year, the scholarship will be retained by the foundation. If the student does not enroll by the given deadline, the scholarship will be void and not awarded that year. If no applicant qualifies, the scholarship will be held over until the next year.


  • Eli's relatives are not eligible for the scholarship.

  • Anyone not meeting the established requirements.

Bestowment: What We Do
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