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Bloom Where You Are Planted

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The Roof Tree

Bloom Where You're Planted

At the age of 10, Eli gave a poignant speech remembered by many as The Roof Tree speech. In it, he encourages listeners to “bloom where you are planted” as he tells of a little tree growing on a roof in his hometown. He likens it to the story of Esther who found herself in a tough situation, but trusted in God and did what was needed. The lesson of finding the courage to face obstacles and accepting when God's plan is different than our own is applicable to anyone at any age, but certainly to teens on the edge of adulthood.

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The Eli Williams Roof Tree Scholarship 

To Encourage and Empower

The Roof Tree scholarship is a merit-based education grant of $1,000 awarded to one freshmen student entering college or vocational school or state law enforcement academy. The bestowment is based on established requirements. High School juniors and seniors are invited to listen to a recorded lecture based around Eli’s Roof Tree speech and rooted in Biblical concepts. Its intent is to equip teenagers on the verge of entering adulthood with tools to face and conquer challenges and obstacles that will come their way throughout their lives. It will suggest proper reactions to unexpected changes in life plans and offer Biblical resources for answers and guidance. It will encourage and empower them to “bloom where they are planted” no matter the circumstance. After listening to the recorded lecture, scholarship candidates must write a 1,000-word essay based on a writing prompt taken from the lecture. Contact us for IEP adjustments.

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“God is the gardener of that little tree on the roof. He placed it with purpose.”
— Eli Williams

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